Top 10 phrases you should know in Indonesia

Learning how to speak a little bit of the language in Indonesia has helped me go a long way! It's helped me get cheaper-than-local prices, get on the right bus, learn some sweet stuff from the kids, know what the hell I'm eating and impress the locals. Here are some of my favorite/most useful phrases to know and understand:

Everyone's an effing travel blogger...

So how hard could it be? I've decided, with much deliberation, to start a travel blog so that friends and family can catch up with my whereabouts and what-dos. Perhaps the fact that I don't have a computer will slow me down and internet connections on the road are infrequent and frustratingly slow. However, I realised that while I'm living right-here-right-now, no one else in the world knows what I'm up to. So please... enjoy!