Suz and Bianca 'do' Mulhacen in the 3rd person..

Breaktaking views of the Sierra Nevada..
Sitting on the balcony in the mild heat of a Spanish spring evening Suz and Bianca decided to hatch a plan for their coming free two days. After a week-long, fun-filled apartment Bianca didn't feel much more for partying and Suz, always easily pleased, was up for anything. So they decided between two options; hitchhike to Cordoba or get altitude on the highest mountain in Spain. In the spirit of adventure and a little more of a challenge the gang commenced research into the latter. Weather looked good; only just negative temperatures at the summit and mostly sunny - a little bit of wind but nothing to worry about. Bus schedule; early morning to Capileiera and last bus back to Granada to catch a concert at 16:30 on Saturday - perfect! So at 23:00 Thursday night it was decided to rendezvous at 0930 hours in order to commence the journey.

Bianca awoke early to embark on an acquisition mission, calling on all the people she knew in Granada, to find a warm sleeping bag and hiking boots suitable for snow. Riding through the old cobbled streets of the Albaicin on her valiant steed and donned with backpack she enjoyed the fresh morning air and awesome views - snow capped mountains and golden light bathing the 1000 year old castle perched on the hill. She stole into the cave of two of her adventure buddies who were more than happy to provide item one on the acquisition list. She failed to find the boots and took two pairs of socks and plastic bags instead.

Suz was waiting patiently when Bianca arrived and indicated, without being pushy, that the two really 'ought to get a wriggle-on if they were to make the appropriate bus. And that they did, without a hitch. Although shortly into the ride Suz was overcome with a sense of deja vu feeling as though they would find out in a few hours that they were actually on the wrong bus in the wrong direction. Bianca chuckled and hoped she was wrong.

After two and a half hours of winding roads and spectacular views of white-painted villages dotting the hills of the Alpjuarras the pair disembarked the bus in Capileira (alt. 1486 meters). The little old lady at the information was delightful as she drew in by hand on the map the path to reach the summit of Mulhacen - dominating the Sierra Nevada 3,478 meters.