About Me

After completing a mechanical Engineering degree in 2009 and a short, albeit cold, stint researching in Switzerland I packed my backpack and departed Australian shores in July 2010 with a one way ticket on a solo backpacking mission to the wild, wonderful and somewhat warmer South East Asia.

I fell in love - traversing forgotten corners of ancient countries, diving in impossibly beautiful dive spots, climbing mountains and learning a lot more than I ever expected. I like to travel simply, encounter people and absorb the cultures and languages that surround me.

In June 2011 I continued my journey to Europe where I spent time learning and experimenting with alternate ways of living; building a boat on a sea-gypsy farm in Norway, became a Divemaster in the Mediterranean, journeying on a pilgrimage in the north of Spain and stayed longer than expected watching the snow come, and go, with views of the mighty Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

I’ve asked many questions, challenged my ideas and fought preconceived notions to form strong values and awareness of our unescapable interdependence. Moving forward to Melbourne the development circle has captured my heart - continuing to radically un-job while ever searching for new opportunities, networks and knowledge. Putting all my experiences into practice I’m volunteering with Engineers Without Borders - this time in India - where I’m sharing my knowledge and skills driven by an ability to see things from a different angle, fuelled by passion and an aptitude to inspire.